Test Results and Certifications

What is TEMP-COAT®?

TEMP-COAT® 101 is a general purpose insulation which comes in liquid form. It provides a safe, durable barrier that protects against heat and cold and controls condensation.

Why should I use it?

Basically, because TEMP-COAT® will save you money on energy costs, repairs and renovations. It's quick and easy to apply. It's environmentally safe, containing no chlorides, VOC's or heavy metals, and has a neutral pH. It conserves energy. It helps prevent corrosion. It's low-maintenance, long-lasting and resists fire. It adheres to hot and cold surfaces between -66.2º C and 176.7º C. It's impervious to water, salt water and most chemicals. It'll insulate surfaces as hot as 260º C using the manufacturer's instructions. It cleans up easily with soap and water. Unlike traditional insultation, it won't harbour rodents, insects or airborne pathogens.

TEMP-COAT® has been rigorously tested under laboratory conditions and approved by Lloyds Register, the US Department of Energy, US Navy and Coast Guard and other organisations. Please see the tests and certifications page for further details.

How does TEMP-COAT® work?

This industrial designed liquid insulation contains millions of tiny ceramic pellets in an easily-applied, durable acrylic latex medium. This constant, uninterrupted thermal barrier is higly effective at stopping the transfer of heat energy.

Where do I use TEMP-COAT®?

TEMP-COAT® has been widely used in industrial settings. It performs extremely well on piping, air and heat duct work, exposed water pipes, tanks, oxygen lines, steam lines, refrigeration equipment, cryogenics, and condensation control.

TEMP-COAT® excels as a thermal reflective coating on the inside or exterior of buildings. Highly reflective, it eliminates over 85% of solar heat transfer. It reduces the expansion and contraction which causes roof damage. Applied with a spray gun, it gives coverage of 1.19 square metres per litre at at 0.4 mm thickness. It's a perfect fit for metal, tile, BUR and other roof surface types for use on exterior roof and wall surfaces. TEMP-COAT® offers a wonderful opportunity to add R value back to a structure that is poorly insulated or a building in which the insulation has failed. You can simply apply it over the old insulation.

TEMP-COAT® is also widely used in marine application, controlling condensation caused by changes and differences in temperature on hulls, bulkheads, overheads, pipes, refrigerated equipment and other surfaces which tend to develop moisture-related problems. Lloyd's Register has reviewd and classified TEMP-COAT® as a fire resisting material and suitable as a vapour barrier or for pipe and cargo space and refrigerated compartments. It's used on barges, push boats, tugs, fishing fleets, pleasure craft, drilling rigs and platforms, offshore machinery, piping, pipelines, boilers, water separators and in sleeping quarters.

It's also extremely useful in transport applications, being used in cars, trucks, buses, industrial equipment, fire engines, ambulances, trailers, rail equipment and camper vans and delivery vehicles. A 0.5 mm thickness applied to a motor home or bus will maintain a comfortable temperature in the interior on long trips. A 1mm thickness on a utility body helps ice last all day with frozen deliveries.