Other products

Axlclad has a wide range of other advanced treatments designed to protect your equipment and property. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our products.

Q2 Rust Converter

Q2 surface conditioner and primer converts rust into a protective polymeric coating. This is a necessary product to be used anywhere rust has appeared or is a problem. Q2 converts iron oxide to a black ferro-organic coating that incorporates the rust as part of the coating. Apply with brush, roller or spray.

For extremely bad rust or rust in cracks or crevasse, two coats may be needed to assure the complete conversion. A top coat will be needed where surface is dry and tack free. Apply an appropriate primer if your top coat is a latex based product to prevent bleed through. Q2 is not corrosive to human tissue and is very safe to use. Remove all rust scale or heavy rust before applications.

Temp-Coat AABS

TEMP-COAT AABS is a general purpose insulation which comes in liquid form specifically formulated for the marine industry.

TEMP-COAT AABS liquid ceramic insulation is a thin film that performs extremely well on shell plating, stiffeners, superstructures, bulkheads, piping, tanks, air and heat duct work, exposed water pipes, oxygen lines, steam lines, chilled water lines, vehicle/transportation and many other uses.

TEMP-COAT provides an inexpensive alternative to the high cost and heavy weight of other bulky insulations. As a free layer coating system it physically adhere to the surface that it is insulating which significantly reduces corrosion under insulation and rust formations found under conventional insulations.

TEMP-COAT AABS is a complete mixture of various hollow silica and ceramic beads immersed in a high quality latex base with acrylic binders. This combination of materials makes the product extremely weight and pliable, therefore it contracts and expands with the surface to which it is applied. TEMP-COAT AABS can generally be tinted to any medium or pastel colour.

 Temp-Coat AABS Data Sheet


Slip-Gard and Slip-Gard PT treatment is designed to decrease the potential for instances of slip and fall accidents due to damp or wet surfaces by increasing the co-efficient of friction when applied to a wide variety of mineral substrates (concrete, tile, marble, terrazzo, stone, etc.) Slip Guard incorporates unique liquid metal compounds in a reactive base carrier. Independent testing has shown that the co-efficient of friction increases by as much as 300% on some surfaces. When properly applied, Slip Guard will not change the appearance or colour of a substrate. This product is used in hotel bath tubs and showers, on marble and granite floors and foyers, kitchen tile floors and on many other slick surfaces. This product is a favorite of restaurant production areas and fast food service restaurants.

 Slip-Gard Data Sheet

Fyre Shield

Fyre Shield (FB-520) PYRO-TUMID COATING can be used on all wood-based building materials, roof decking and trusses, floor joists, sub-flooring, dry wall, steel structures, I-Beams, columns, etc. Anywhere fire proofing and thermal protection is needed. Has passed ASTM & 119 fire test, performed by 3M Certified Labs. The right way to protect your property against fire.

FB-520 is considered a Pyro-Tumid product. When the surface is impinged by fire or high heat conditions, the surface of the product is converted into semi-hard blisters to repel the flame and reduce the temperature at the surface being protected. FB-520 is considered a sacrificial coating and must be replaced if a fire impinges the coating. Lightweight, white in colour, fast drying, easy to apply with brush, roller or airless spray.

 Fyre Shield AABS Data Sheet


Fire-Loc is a ready to use clay based high temperature industrial insulation and filler for temperatures up to + 1093 degrees C. Fire-Loc must be covered with a top coat and protected from dampness and moisture. This is usually protected with a fiberglass cloth coated with TEMP-COAT.

This is a refractory type product that can withstand very high temperatures once dry. Fire-Loc is used in conjunction with repairs to high heat process and steam lines in industry. When conventional insulation has failed, Fire-Loc can safely take its place following the manufacturer's written instructions. The use of Fire-Loc has been approved for several industrial repairs that have been viewed by the EPA and the DEQ. Please contact us for more information.

 Fire-Loc Data Sheet


ULTRA-FLEX is a high performance Liquid Urethane coating. It is a tough, durable, low VOC, coating that has many uses including but not limited to roof surfaces, water tower restorations tank liners, potable water tank reconstitution, sewer plant liners, ship and seaboard rust protection, piling coatings, boat bottom coatings, bridge repairs etc. It adheres extremely well to rusty surfaces and can be top coated with acrylic latex paint for colour.

This is a two part 9 to 1 ratio product. Mixed and applied properly ULTRA-FLEX will provide years of protection on any project. ULTRA-FLEX boasts an elongation of 375% at -17.7º C, making it one of the most pliable coatings on the market today. ULTRA-FLEX is approved by California Standards for use in potable water containers and tanks. It is an excellent product for use in the restoration of concrete holding tanks and concrete slabs. ULTRA-FLEX can be used in conjunction with many chemicals. Please contact us for a copy of the chemical resistance chart and other pertinent information.

Quick Gun

The QUICK GUN is a small, efficient HVLP type of spray apparatus that operates with an aerosol action. It can be powered by any small home type air-compressor with a 90 litre tank and a 5 Hp. rated motor. The tail of the gun is inserted into a bucket of product and held approximately 2 inches off of the bottom by the line clip that comes with the gun. When the trigger is compressed, the air pulls the product up to the gun and disburses it in a round air pattern.

Holding the gun tip 14 away from the surface being coated will result in a 3.5 to 4.5 spray pattern. There are no moving internal parts for the product distribution half of the gun, so it is very easy to clean and maintain. This spray apparatus is designed for tight places and hard to reach areas, not for large surfaces or jobs larger than 90 square metres.

MDF-500 Eliminate Mould

MDF-500 kills mould and the mycotoxins mould produces. MDF-500 carries a Hazard rating of 1 on a scale of 0 to 4, where common bleach carries a rating of 4. This product destroys all known pathogens on surfaces fogged, without destroying wood or other materials the fog contacts. MODEC MDF-500 leaves no harmful residue of any kind and becomes completely inert after 8 hours.

MDF-500 is 1000 times less corrosive than bleach and many other products that claim to kill mould. Use of this product does not involve the handling of deadly or dangerous chemicals such as Lie, Phenol or Boric Acid, nor does it require the mixing of powders that can be harmful.

 Colorado State Lab Report

Real Seal Plus

Real Seal PLUS activated penetrating concrete treatment. Real Seal Plus penetrates the slab or porous stone and swells, closing off small cracks and openings. Once dry, PLUS prevents moisture and the formation of ice and other liquids that can degrade the surface that is treated. Seals floors, walls, stone, brick, mortar, roof tiles, Mexican tile, Lime stone, Gunnite, Unpainted Plaster and other items subject to deterioration or becoming defective from the results of water or high humidity.

REAL SEAL PLUS is colourless, odourless and NON-toxic. The product solidifies the surface coated into a solid mass, seals, stops leaks and moisture proofs without changing the physical appearance of the surface or structure. Provides years of protection at an extremely reasonable cost.

Real Seal WT

Real Seal WT wood treatment is a specifically formulated penetrating sealer and conditioner which reacts with properties inherent in all wood and wood-based materials. This product becomes an integral component of the material to which it is applied. Real Seal WT is not a surface coating. The treatment does not change the appearance of most wood species. WT seals the grain and makes wood more fire resistant. Sealing of the grain also makes the wood more impervious to insect infestation.

Real Seal Xtra

Real Seal XTRA provides moisture protection for all types of masonry materials. XTRA is a topical solution. It coats the surface of the slab or object being coated causing water to bead up and generally keeps the surface cleaner.